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CAM software for a wide range of manufacturing processes

Build world-class products with scalable solutions for a wide range of manufacturing processes. Solid Edge solutions help you book more orders, spend less on raw materials and improve productivity, streamlining processes like CNC machining, nesting, cutting, molding, welding, and assembling.

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Solid Edge CAM Pro

Avoid the need for and cost of multiple CAM systems in the machine shop with Solid Edge CAM Pro. The scalable solution offers a wide range of in-depth NC programming capabilities, providing flexibility and maximizing the value of your investment.

Adaptive Roughing

Adaptive roughing allows your CNC to make parts faster, optimizes your machine operation, and extends the life of your cutting tools.

Model Associativity

Data sent to Solid Edge CAM Pro from your CAD system retains associativity so late-stage design changes can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing plan. Industry translators can read/save data in native format of any CAD system, maintaining associativity regardless of geometry source.

Intelligent Tool Paths

Solid Edge CAM Pro includes built-in tool path visualization and material removal verification tools. Integrated collision checking identifies any possible problems. Make fast changes to tool path results with graphical editing tools and protect edits by locking tool paths from future recalculations.

In-Process Workpiece (IPW)

IPW shows the state of the machined model during the machining process. Solid Edge CAM Pro automatically saves the IPW, and follows the model as it gets machined, which saves time as the software knows what has been cut already.

Post Hub Library

Included with Solid Edge CAM Pro, the Post Hub Library enables a streamlined process to generate production-ready CNC programs for your applications. Post Hub gives you access to more than 1,100 postprocessors, searchable by key machine characteristics and ready to download directly to your workstation.

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Solid Edge 2D Nesting

Gain full control over nesting settings needed to meet the demands of any cutting technology or material. An intuitive interface makes it easy to select part quantities, sheet sizes, and rotation. Specify the material grain direction of parts to meet the design requirement for the parts later needed in forming.

Solid Edge 2D Nesting launches from Solid Edge mechanical design products with a single click. Selecting parts to import for nesting is quick and easy. Solid Edge 2D Nesting supports sheet metal and part files (PSM, ASM and PAR), as well as neutral data formats including DXF and DWG, automatically extracting flat pattern data.

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