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Winning the Productivity Challenge in Multi Domain Bill of Materials Management

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In a market environment with increasing product and development complexity, design information must be stored in a safe but handy way. However, most applications convert this task into an administrational burden that puts a significant squeeze on the time that you as engineers and designers have available for innovation. This makes it nearly impossible for you to come up with creative designs while accurately managing the multi domain bill of materials of your equipment. 

The five most common yet dangerous time wasters in design and collaborative BOM Management

According to a recent survey, industrial engineers waste an average of 15% (in some cases even 25%) of their time with non-productive data management tasks. What are these top 5 collaborative BOM Management time wasters?

  • Can’t Find and Reuse Data
  • Lost CAD Designs
  • Preparing Data for Others
  • Managing Complexity
  • Managing Change

Multi Domain BOM Management relieves the pressure

Smart products, growing demand for customization, shrinking product lifecycles and increasingly dynamic supply chains – they all add to complexity in industrial design, and this increases the likelihood for inefficiency and errors. Collaborative environments, with participants all over the planet, require significant time and effort for keeping them all involved, informed, and coordinated around engineering changes and multi-domain BOM management. If you fail here, you will waste enormous amounts of time, energy, and money.

Spend 25% less time on nonproductive BOM Management

What if companies could give that wasted time back to their technical personnel? That’s exactly what leading companies do. Our research shows that Top Performing companies – those that are better able to quickly and efficiently design high quality, innovative products – spend 25% less time on nonproductive Data and BOM management tasks.

If you want to avoid these time-wasting traps and learn from the top performers’ better practices, don’t hesitate to download this free E-Book and get ready to win the productivity challenge!

Hence, one of your most important goals should be to reduce unproductive, wasted time in Computer Aided Design (CAD).

To help you reaching this goal, we have put together a free E-Book that shows you how to avoid the 5 most common yet dangerous time wasters in design.