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Product innovation platform and digital manufacturing technology in electronics

Today's electronic devices are complex and include multiple design disciplines —mechanical, electrical, electronics, embedded software, and application software. These products are changing faster than ever before, as innovations and technologies continuously drive and accelerate those changes.

Benefits of a digital manufacturing platform

Many high-tech companies are implementing a manufacturing enterprise innovation platform (MEIP) to meet these challenges successfully. It's a specific configuration of domain-specific platforms designed to enable and optimize an enterprise's end-to-end and complete set of lifecycle activities. It makes technical knowledge available to the business domains of the enterprise and creates an actionable environment based on clear, concise, and valid data.

However, end-to-end extended enterprise support is much more than just transferring BOM items from product development to manufacturing. Modern products consist of many objects (e.g., parts and subsystems) created by many domains, including mechanical, electronic, and software, and often have interdependencies across disciplines.

Achieve faster ramp-up to production, reduced time to market, and better adaptation to changes

Competitive manufacturers need fully integrated information flows and highly flexible processes and can easily and quickly adapt to product and market changes. Implementing integrated extended enterprise value chains built on open ecosystems helps achieve faster ramp-up to production, reduced time to market, and better adaptation to changes in global and local markets. Companies also need improved collaboration in planning and scheduling that starts earlier during product engineering instead of later when the design is released and transferred to manufacturing. And they must leverage and re-use corporate IP, expertise, and lessons learned while complying with stricter company standards and all applicable regulations.

Electronics companies can turn complexity into a competitive advantage

Effectively dealing with change is necessary for survival—today's complex, smart, connected products require manufacturers to evolve their businesses and enhance and accelerate their digital transformation throughout their extended enterprise ecosystems. Successful enterprises will be those that turn complexity management into their competitive advantage. To do so, they need to establish a MEIP that spans development, manufacturing, and service and create and manage an open value chain ecosystem.

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