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Ten ways to improve wiring harness manufacturing

In an industry in which manual engineering methods are still largely dominant, innovative approaches can significantly reduce the harness design cycle time and cost, improve product and process quality, and reduce harness manufacturing turnaround time and costs. With thin margins coupled with large volumes, improvements to efficiency, cost reductions, and production time can significantly impact profitability and long-term business sustainability. In this white paper, learn how solutions utilizing high levels of automation, data coherency, and robust integrations can do just that.

Reduce harness design cycle time and cost

Wiring harness manufacturers face growing challenges as harnesses become more complex and timelines accelerate. A new generation of electrical systems and wiring harness engineering tools are available to help companies, large and small, as they tackle new challenges. These tools help engineers rapidly create drawings, calculations, work instructions, and other needed documentation and outputs, leading to reduced time to quote, superior service, and responsiveness to their customers.

Improve wiring harness product and process quality

Discovering errors late in the product or manufacturing engineering process can cause timeline slippage, leading to slower turnaround for quotation and lost opportunities to bid for new business. Engineering changes are similarly treacherous. A small change to the specification of a manufacturing module or subassembly can make a big difference in the material cost, supply chain management, and efficiency of the manufacturing processes. Because of this, strong data integrity and automation are essential to improving wiring harness product and process quality.

Reduce wiring harness manufacturing complexities

As harness complexity increases, legacy methods will come under increasing strain and may eventually fail. Disjointed engineering and manufacturing systems compound these challenges. Robust integrations with tools from other domains and parts of the engineering flow can reduce complexities by ensuring better collaboration up and down the development cycle and reducing errors from data exchange.

Download the white paper and learn about the ten ways our engineering solutions can help increase profitability and ensure the future success of wiring harness manufacturing businesses in an increasingly competitive environment.