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White Paper

3D printing design software adoption across top performing companies

Companies that tend to be visionary, consequently enjoy higher revenue growth and profit margins. Their plans can be a leading indicator of what you should consider as you develop product and production strategies. Which technologies are leading companies adopting? What steps do they take to be successful? What should you consider for your company?

Benefits of 3D printing across manufacturing design process

Research finds that top performers maintain their competitive edge by focusing on how to continue to keep customers happy after they have made the purchase. What’s most striking is that over the next five to ten years, to stay competitive, 95% of top performers will change the way products are designed and engineered. Interestingly, 3D printing will play a big role in helping companies achieve a competitive advantage.

Accelerate your part design process

Using NX you can reduce the time needed to reverse engineering your part. Recently introduced NX Convergent Modeling Technology™, allows for scan data to be full member of the design process.

Get the most out of your 3D printing design software

Validate your design before you send them to your 3D printer. NX has a complete set of 3D printing design tools to validate that design can be printed before you send it to the printer. This saves you time and material.