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Connected Engineering accelerates innovation and collaboration


Developing the right vehicle and developing it right is critical for automakers. It is also highly complex, partially due to consumer demands and governmental regulations. Thus, it is essential to ensure your mechanical, software, and electrical engineering teams are connected. In this brief by leading industry analyst firm CIMdata, learn how to start integrated and stay integrated across software, mechanical, and electrical systems for clear visibility and advanced real-time collaboration and address issues across the most complex systems.

Use connected engineering to improve collaboration amongst disciplines

Product lifecycle management (PLM) solution providers must address accelerating collaboration as a competitive advantage. Defining a vehicle, assessing it continuously, and re-defining it as usage occurs is the focus of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s (Siemens) Software & Systems Engineering (SSE) portfolio of solutions. It provides the PLM framework that makes continuous collaboration possible by providing traceability of essential items, including test cases, features, requirements, parts, assemblies, and all the rest. Engineers will be connected at all times rather than just at infrequent, expensive physical mockups.

Integrate MBSE with connected engineering capabilities

Software & Systems Engineering provides an MBSE approach, anchored by Connected Engineering as one of its core elements. With an integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach, you change how your vehicles are planned, managed, and delivered. This approach boosts your innovation potential and speed to market substantially by ensuring better and faster decisions through mechanical, software, and electrical integration — allowing you to deliver the right vehicle at the right time every time.

Download the brief to learn how Connected Engineering gives you a competitive advantage, and when enabled correctly, contextual collaboration enhances product and process innovation.