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Modern automotive cybersecurity through secure communication, strong authentication and flexible firewalls

Continuous security threats on connected automobiles have exposed critical system vulnerabilities. To address these risks, regulatory agencies are now defining cybersecurity requirements by writing new legislation and holding carmakers and their supply chain liable for security and safety breaches. This white paper discusses a multi-layered approach to connected vehicle security to adequately address current and future security issues. It explains how this security architecture can protect vehicle entry points as well as in-vehicle networks from threats. The paper will cover several security strategies such as embedded firewalls, authentication, secure communications, encryption and digital certificates.

It’s up to the automotive community to prove itself trustworthy if people are to trust connected cars

Security should not be made into a competitive differentiating advantage. It needs to be a shared common resource. As this paper points out, embedded firewalls, secure communication and strong authentication techniques are vital elements that constitute a multi-layered security approach.