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Companies at any IoT maturity can benefit from digital twins and data insights

예상 소요 시간: 24분

Internet of Things (IoT) investment continues to gain momentum as businesses across a range of vertical markets begin to recognize the power of deploying smart, connected devices to transform their products, operational processes, and business offerings.

In a commissioned study* of IoT decision makers conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Siemens in May 2019, 46% of respondents reported that partners developing vertical industry applications would be the most helpful to their organizations. At 43%, OEMs who incorporate edge technologies into their devices was the second top response.

Respondents of varied IoT maturity levels also recognized that digital twins can continuously improve their product offerings and improve product quality. This finding points to the fact that digital twins are not merely a nice-to-have function but instead are a fundamental game-changer for businesses that are evolving their IoT deployment strategies.

Download the study to learn more about how companies at any IoT maturity level can benefit from digital twins.

* Digital Twins And Data Insight Enhance Benefits For Firms At All IoT Maturity Levels, a May 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Siemens