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Industry leading Autonomous Vehicle Development software

As customer demand and disruptive innovations continue to increase, advanced assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle development (AVD) are becoming central in the automotive industry.

Competition for AVD is intense, with technology giants and start-ups entering the race. Traditional automakers are stepping into unknown territory, and a new approach will be required to tackle the increased complexity.

To test and validate the reliability of AVs, Siemens offers an agile, cross-domain, model-based development solution with integrated data flows and software-based simulation capabilities, from chip design to full vehicle validation.

Download the white paper to learn more about the most advanced AVD software solutions.

Winning automotive engineering technology for Autonomous Vehicle Development

For automakers with decades of engineering expertise in traditional automotive engineering, these are challenging times. With customers expecting to enjoy the benefits of new digital technologies, the world is waiting for intelligent, safe and reliable autonomous vehicles. To deliver on this, you would need an integrated approach to vehicle development that brings together all key technical disciplines in a closed-loop system.

Siemens solutions for Autonomous Vehicle Development offers powerful tools that can help you to succeed and stay ahead in the race for innovation, on the level of the chip, electronics and the full vehicle.

Simulation driven design for autonomous cars

Software, chips, and electronics will be the core of AV’s architecture, replacing the traditional role of combustion engines. However, the increase of smart components will come with a rise in complexity as well.

Future vehicles will be highly complex, cross-domain machines connected to other vehicles and city infrastructure. To develop these complex machines OEMs should move away from traditional methodologies and embrace integrated digital solutions for designing, testing, and engineering on every level, from chip to the city.

OEMs must branch out and utilize advanced methods for simulating their vehicle programs across all engineering domains to deliver safe and reliable AVs.

Download the white paper and learn how Siemens Autonomous Vehicle Development could help you achieve optimized development, testing and validation processes, leveraging massive scenario simulation.

Drive smarter decisions through a closed-loop engineering approach

With Siemens solutions for AVD, a comprehensive set are brought together in a comprehensive digital twin, supporting a closed-loop system that feeds performance data into the development process and back to the system’s design on a continual basis. This agile, model-based development system will enable greater design flexibility and exhaustive testing while allowing you to save time & costs.

Used a closed-loop engineering approach to ensure your AV designs are safe & reliable. Create the trust your customers need with AVD and bring future vehicles to the market faster!