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Implement solutions for tire performance

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Accurate time modeling and simulation are more important than ever, but tire modeling also brings its set of challenges. Want to increase your tire model accuracy to analyze vehicle behavior better and earlier while reducing development time? In this video, discover end-to-end tire modeling solutions that help predict important vehicle aspects such as directional stability, braking distance, and ride comfort for:

  • Enjoyable ride sensations
  • Short braking distances
  • Silky ride comfort
  • Effortless steering
  • Reduced powertrain vibrations

Watch the video now and discover how to level up your tire model accuracy!

Ensure optimal tire performance while reducing vehicle development time

Tire performance largely influences vehicle performance, such as vehicle handling, aerodynamics, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Accounting for these criteria may require different tire modeling approaches or increase the model complexity. Companies often rely on a multitude of simulation environments and tools tailored to the needs of dedicated engineering teams across different departments, making model accuracy crucial. Incorrect assumptions in the tire testing and model parameterization process lead to inaccurate results and increased costs. However, you can address these challenges today with Simcenter Tire.

Minimize tire performance challenges

The Simcenter Tire model has the most comprehensive application range in the market and is the ideal mainstream tire model for many passenger car manufacturers. Its modular structure permits the optimal balancing between application requirements and the level of tire model details. Simcenter Tire includes the MF-Tyre/MF-Swift tire model, the MF-Tool tire model parameter tool, and tire testing and engineering services. Simcenter can deliver customized tire modeling methodologies by combining these elements to provide the optimal balance between simulation accuracy and cost-efficiency.

MF-Tyre/MF-Swift for company standardization and integration

The MF-Tyre and MF-Swift tire model is the only model-based magic formula available in all major vehicle dynamic simulation packages, allowing in- and intercompany standardization. And the model is real-time capable without any model reduction. The Simcenter MF-Tool makes tire model parameterization easy through a user-friendly interface with clear visualization. It minimizes parameterization efforts and provides a consistent tire model quality that can integrate seamlessly within company standard processes or as a standalone executable.

Tire testing for validation and benchmarking studies

The Simcenter tire testing services provide on-road tire testing for validation and benchmarking studies. The team creates highly representative tire model parameter sets and translates the obtained knowledge into your processes or tools for many road surfaces, covering dry, wet, snow, and icy road conditions, using an on-road test laboratory.