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Revolutionize your business with remote access and control of your production sites – take the tour!

Turn your production site into a virtual factory and enable remote collaboration with virtual manufacturing software solutions.

Collaborating remotely has become vital for today’s manufacturers. Electronics manufacturers have production plants in different locations worldwide and overcoming the complexities of monitoring them and collaborating with them remotely is challenging.

Today, it’s possible to see detailed information virtually by visiting the shop floor of any production site regardless of location.

By using the latest technologies and software, you can collaborate with your manufacturing facilities efficiently. You can achieve this with a transparent, virtual factory tagged with real-time manufacturing information.

To learn more about the remote virtual factory, view the video.

How do you achieve effective remote collaboration and control of your production sites?

With electronics manufacturers working with production sites in different geographical locations, finding ways to monitor these sites and collaborate with them effectively is essential, especially when traveling is inefficient, time-consuming, or becomes impossible.

This is not an easy task when producing connected and smart devices for the electronics industry. To successfully develop this kind of complex product, collaboration and communication between engineering teams, relevant production workforce, suppliers and customers is a must, regardless of location.

Software solutions help businesses find a simple, reliable, and efficient way for the relevant people to easily access all the required information by virtually visiting the production site and facilitating remote collaboration across the entire manufacturing ecosystem.

Bringing the reality of “remote control” to operations and management through the virtual factory

Whether your factory is a few miles away or in another continent, you can access manufacturing information and make remote meetings feel as if you were physically there, by the line, the machine, or at the station.

With SaaS, cloud-based applications that require no installation and no IT overhead, you can transform your production site into a virtual factory.

Create high-resolution 2D layouts of your virtual factory and a 3D CAD version. It is also possible to construct a panoramic experience by uploading photos of the area for virtual navigation.

Navigate through specific locations, access reports, statistics, photos and videos, while allowing discussion with co-workers and partners alike. Remote workers are equipped with the right information for more efficient decision-making.

Be in control with a smart manufacturing approach to remote manufacturing visibility and control

Witness the possibilities and benefits of using virtual collaboration and oversight to overcome geographical distances and optimize business processes.

Save costs, speed up time to market, simplify processes, enhance product quality and overcome any communication barriers for better performance and optimized results.

Take your smart manufacturing processes to the next level - connect factory visualization, people, and information in a virtual environment.

Watch the video to learn how this digital solution could help your business.