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シーメンスデジタルインダストリーズソフトウェアのSimcenter™3D音響モジュールには、2つの重要な革新的技術、FEM自動整合層 (AML)、FEM適応時数 (FEMAO) が含まれています。これによりモデリングが簡素化すると同時に、波動伝播の問題が解決して振動音響シミュレーションが加速します。この技術を使えば、音響シミュレーションの専門家も一般的な有限要素 (FE) アナリストも、広帯域の振動音響問題を簡単にシミュレーションできます。

Innovative acoustic modeling technology

Finite element method with adaptive order (FEMAO) and automatically matched layer (AML) are acoustic modeling technologies that help eliminate the complexity of solving broadband vibro-acoustic problems. FEMAO uses a high-order FEM method in conjunction with a priori error indicator. AML is a flexible and efficient wave-absorbing method for free-field exterior acoustic applications. Both help eliminate the key mesh-based disadvantages of standard FEM.

Acoustic scattering of a submarine

Unsure about these innovative acoustic modeling technologies? The white paper goes through two examples to demonstrate their computational efficiency and accuracy. The first looks at the acoustic scattering of a submarine. The full details are outlined in the white paper.

Pass-by noise simulations

The second example using these acoustic modeling technologies involves an automotive pass-by noise simulation. Automotive pass-by noise is subject to a new regulation that will impact the vehicle development process, making technologies like FEMAO and AML important.

Download the white paper to get all the details on how FEMAO and AML help simplify and speed up your marine design process.