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Autonomous vehicle safety assurance - testing and certification


Manufacturers of automated driving systems face three main challenges: keeping pace with the latest technology, maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, and delivering business value - all of which are directly linked. The use of the right technology provides an avenue to accomplish the ambitious goal of proving safety compliance while meeting regulatory requirements. This white paper will offer answers to questions on autonomous vehicle safety assurance, state-of-the-art technology, and future trends in testing and certification of automated driving systems.

Key learning on autonomous vehicle safety assurance

  • Relevant standards currently used in safety assurance of automated driving systems (ISO26262, SOTIF, etc.)
  • Safety assurance, state-of-the-art: brief overview of GM Cruise, Waymo (Google), Ford Argo AI and Uber (Volvo)
  • Trends in testing and certification: ADAS system assessment, in the light of the EuroNCAP 2025 roadmap
  • Testing and certification in case of autonomous vehicles, automation level 4