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Increasing productivity throughout the testing cycle

Manufacturers are challenged to find the optimal balance between various requirements such as energy efficiency, noise and vibration, and durability when developing new products. Test departments are under a lot of pressure. Increasing product complexity necessitates test engineers handling a wide range of physical parts and planning additional validation activities early in the design process.

Simcenter SCADAS hardware's performance, precision, and flexibility make it an excellent data acquisition system with a wide range of engineering applications for manufacturing industries.

Download the eBook to learn how to increase your testing productivity from instrumentation to reporting.

A broad range of engineering applications

The Simcenter SCADAS suite includes handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders, and high-channel-count laboratory data acquisition systems.

SCADAS hardware solutions include:

  • Simcenter SCADAS Lab – a high-performance laboratory solution

  • Simcenter SCADAS Mobile – designed for testing productivity

  • Simcenter SCADAS Recorder – for data recording without your PC

  • Simcenter SCADAS XS – a handheld solution for noise and vibration testing

  • Simcenter SCADAS RS – for use in harsh environments

This eBook explores the Simcenter SCADAS family of testing solutions with multipurpose functionalities.

Versatile, scalable high precision measurement tools to get to the root of the problems

Simcenter SCADAS systems offer test engineers versatile and scalable high-precision measurement tools that can be used to conduct productive measurements during all development stages. The solution allows you to quickly gain insight into the root cause of the problems.