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White paper

Assess vehicle structural durability for body-in-white and chassis components faster, early in design

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Car owners expect their vehicles to be strong, durable and reliable. Unlike other performance criteria, vehicle durability issues occur only after a long period of usage. Discover how accurate and efficient simulation in the early stage of the vehicle design process can keep costs and time-to-market under control.

Using an end-to-end durability process with Simcenter 3D simulation, you can assess a vehicle’s structural durability for body-in-white and chassis components much faster than through physical testing.

This white paper describes how to predict and optimize vehicle durability early in the design, when there is still a wide range of design freedom, at an affordable cost.

Benefit from an end-to-end 3D CAE durability simulation and assess structural durability faster

Learn how to assess structural durability faster and more accurately by deploying two proven methodologies:

  • A hybrid approach, integrating test and simulation for realistic road-load prediction, even for loads that cannot be measured
  • A digital road approach, running a comprehensive virtual model on a digital track when test data is unavailable

Additionally, learn how to understand durability for new emerging technologies, such as:

  • Composites: avoid overdesign by implementing and validating new fatigue analysis methods for lightweight materials
  • Additive manufacturing: predict the performance of components and help engineers to design shapes that would have never been possible before

Download the white paper and find out how to benefit from a highly accurate and efficient end-to-end 3D CAE durability simulation process in an integrated environment.

Discover the durability and fatigue analysis solutions of Simcenter 3D

Designing durable, fail-safe components and systems is a challenging, time-consuming task that often involves expensive physical prototypes. However, it is now possible to perform early durability assessments on a vehicle’s comprehensive digital twin before the first prototype exists. Simcenter 3D software helps create the digital twin and can streamline the end-to-end simulation process, from load data acquisition, simulation modeling, fatigue analysis to advanced durability simulations using advanced analysis methods.

Creating a comprehensive digital twin for durability analysis with Simcenter 3D helps you to:

  • Discover insights earlier through CAD-CAE integration that accelerates the CAE process
  • Integrate test and simulation to obtain accurate loads to be used in structural durability analyses
  • Efficiently manage fatigue parameters and methods benefitting from unparalleled productivity and agility
  • Realistically simulate the durability performance of complex connections and welded joints
  • Unlock innovation and lifecycle optimization using an efficient durability simulation solver for rapid prediction and component optimization

In the automotive sector, end-of-line testing uses vibroacoustic measurements to accurately identify the properties of every produced component and determine if the product has any defect. Read this white paper to learn how to implement a 100% NVH-based quality inspection system and systematically improve overall product and manufacturing quality.