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White paper

Unleash the power of low-code capabilities on top of a rich and mature MES platform

In today’s digital era, personalization is everywhere.

Manufacturers are looking for more personalized and value-adding experiences for their workforce, in line with the ever-changing personalized demand of consumers and markets.

Opcenter Execution Foundation supports the manufacturing journey from product ideation to realization. Additionally, we now offer more personalized and human-centered operations in a faster and more convenient way.

Looking to create more personalized operations in a faster and more convenient way?

Introducing low-code personalization for Opcenter Execution Foundation with Mendix embedded, two Siemens solutions join forces, allowing manufacturers to create user experiences more fitting to their business processes and specific industry needs. This way, they can take ownership of the UI personalization and co-creation, in a fast and agile manner. Additionally, the reduction of implementation and maintenance costs allows to focus on continuous process innovation.

Download the White Paper and discover the advantages and applications of an innovative MOM tailored for your industry needs.