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Escatec utilizes Siemens solutions to overcome PCB assembly engineering challenges

In line with the industry trend toward high-mix, low-volume production, Escatec faces the challenge of supporting more frequent new product introductions (NPIs). When evaluating Siemens software, Escatec realized the value of the “digital twin”, a simulation of the product and process as designed – before actual production begins. The simulation enables discovering design flaws at an earlier stage, making their correction quicker and less expensive.

Speed is the name of the game – first time right in new product introduction

Escatec credits Valor Process Preparation with a central role in carrying out the following improvements:

  • 6-8 week “respins” now take less than a day

  • Faster-to-market, thanks to reduced NPI timelines

  • Cost savings for Escatec and for their customers

  • Improved quality and enhanced customer satisfaction