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3D geometric modeling is a key requirement for applications in product design, simulation, and manufacturing. With 900+ functions, Parasolid supports a range of modeling techniques, including solid and facet modeling, direct editing, and free-form surface/sheet modeling. Parasolid is complemented by powerful interoperability solutions:

  • HOOPS Exchange for comprehensive data exchange
  • Parasolid Translators for end-to-end translation between Parasolid and specific industry formats
  • Parasolid Bodyshop for imported CAD data repair, validation and optimization

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Parasolid XT file viewer

Siemens’ openly available JT2Go viewer app now supports geometric models based on the Parasolid XT file format. The Parasolid XT file viewer enables anyone to view and measure a Parasolid model at no cost, and with no requirement for a third-party application. Learn more