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Aerospace closed-loop digital twins

Comprehensive closed-loop digital twins represent the evolution of the digital twin concept into tools that can inform design iterations and continuous improvement with real-world data. Closed-loop digital twins provide different benefits at each stage of the product life cycle and offer aerospace and defense manufacturers new, innovative ways to improve product designs, production and performance.

Download this ebook to learn how digital twins can transform data into actionable insights for your objectives in the aerospace and defense industry.

Benefits of closed-loop digital twins

This ebook explores benefits of closed-loop digital twins as it answers six important questions:

  1. What is a comprehensive closed-loop digital twin?
  2. What benefit do closed-loop digital twins provide for manufacturing businesses?
  3. What are the biggest challenges businesses face when trying to create a closed-loop digital twin of their own?
  4. Is there an efficient way for businesses to implement closed-loop digital twins?
  5. Why is industrial IoT data critical for a closed-loop digital twin?
  6. What value can businesses expect when implementing a closed-loop solution?

You will learn how the digital twin can empower aircraft manufacturing designers to virtually test, validate, and analyze products before they are put into full-scale production. By digitally simulating designs through the digital twin, you can shorten the design cycle, cut prototyping costs and reduce risk.

Industrial IoT solution

Our industrial IoT as a service solution, MindSphere, fuels the creation of comprehensive, closed-loop digital twins with its out-of-the-box tools and enables businesses to create the industrial IoT frameworks that feed closed-loop digital twins without distracting valuable IT assets from mission-critical goals.

Aerospace digital transformation

With technology based on more than 200 years of industrial automation expertise and built on our low-code application development platform, we are driving transformation for aerospace and defense organizations to become digital enterprises. Our industrial IoT-as-a-service solution provides an accelerated route to digitalization for aerospace and defense, without significant upfront investments.

Learn from our experts about industrial IoT as a service

Alexander Epple and Abhinav Chandratrey are our experts answering six frequently asked questions about industrial IoT and closed-loop digital twins in this ebook.

  • Alexander is our head of MindSphere Industry Solutions. Pulling on his extensive experience with MindSphere and digital strategy, he leads the team developing cloud-based industrial IoT solutions for industry customers.
  • Abhinav is a PLM product manager. He uses his thorough understanding of industry use cases for system simulation, discrete events simulation, process planning, shop floor execution, simulation data management and asset monitoring to help customers make data-driven decisions.

Read the ebook to learn from our experts how you can leverage digital twins that provide new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation with industrial IoT as a service.