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Xpedition Layout Browser-Windows

Free download of the Xpedition Layout Browser for view and share of Xpedition Layout and Xpedition Package Designer layout designs and schematic cross-probe to Xpedition.

What does the Xpedition Layout Browser include?

  • Reads PCB Designs and IC Package designs from all Xpedition releases

  • File size: 1.05 GB download, ~1.75 GB installed 

  • Current version: Xpedition VX.2.14.1 (March 2024)

What can you do with the Xpedition Layout Browser?

  • Open any Xpedition Layout database 

  • The Xpedition Layout Browser is used to view PCB and IC Package Layout Designs and schematic cross-probe to Xpedition.

  • Share designs with colleagues who don't have Xpedition installed on their PC’s 

  • Review placement and routing 

Xpedition Layout Browser installation requirements

  • Windows:

    • Windows 10 x64

    • Windows Server 2019 x64

    • Windows 11

    • Windows Server 2022