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Introducing Simcenter Prescan360, a simulation-based validation and verification framework for autonomous vehicles

Temps de lecture: 3 minutes

In this article, Enguerrand Prioux, who is a product line manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software, describes the company's new validation and verification framework for autonomous vehicles.

The development of autonomous vehicles is an unprecedented challenge that will turn simulation from a mean to optimize project resources to a mandatory enabler. It will require to combine efficient ego vehicle sensors, controllers, AI, vehicle dynamics models with a tremendous number of scenarios, while enabling CAE engineers understanding of the millions of results generated, without analyzing them all. This also needs to be driven by requirements and linked to collaborative development assets repositories. This year, Siemens Digital Industries Software will launch Simcenter Prescan360. The first generation of its ADAS/AD simulation framework, on the path towards this holy grail.