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Reaching product cost management goals faster with the digital twin


In this interview, our experts dissect Product Cost Management in the manufacturing industry, including the latest challenges and future opportunities. Michael Hedrich, Product Manager for Teamcenter Product Cost Management, and Tony Bergström CEO, IT Advisory share their industry experience and product knowledge in a short Q&A session.

Digital Twin of Cost

Learn how Product Cost Management supports in analyzing manufacturing and material costs, establishing a firm foundation for driving forward the widespread use of digital twins of cost.

Latest developments in Product Cost Management

Manufacturing companies must balance short-term cost pressure with their longer-term strategic objectives, such as sustainability. This alignment can be accomplished by integrating the method of cost and carbon-emission analysis on one platform. Learn how to accelerate handling large part portfolios with the top-down Nonlinear Performance Pricing (NLPP) method, predict costs, and how to predict the prices of parts, components, and even systems.

The four vision pillars for Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Current trends and threats in the manufacturing industry require an innovative approach to cost management. Our solution provides the best-in-class user experience to support our customers and focuses on increasing automation to boost calculation speed. Supporting more business groups, we are expanding in new domains and extending our next-generation integration portfolio. In this 20-minute interview, get first-hand information on our recent innovations and strategy and how we will support emerging innovations across industries.