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Enhance Quality Management in the Automotive Industry

In today’s automotive industry, OEMs and their suppliers are challenged to reduce product and manufacturing costs, while still optimizing quality to distinguish products and gain a competitive advantage. They must master increasingly complex designs, deliver innovative features with every new release, and take less time to build them.

A comprehensive Smart Manufacturing approach synchronizes product design, manufacturing, quality, and the supply chain to safeguard compliance and meet customers’ needs.

Reach Quality Requirements and Safeguard Compliance

Relying on quality best practices means changing the traditional mindset to avoid launch delays, rework costs, and more demanding warranties. Using closed-loop quality solutions can greatly reduce the risk of poor performance. Automotive OEMs and suppliers benefit from enhanced development processes by helping to bring products to market faster while complying with norms and regulations.

Meet Aggressive Quality Goals with Smart Manufacturing Solutions

A solution that addresses product and process quality throughout the development process is key. With Siemens as a partner in your Smart Manufacturing journey, you can bring quality best practices on top of this closed loop to boost the whole value chain. Closed-loop quality solutions enable OEMs and suppliers to break down barriers and adjust processes based on lessons learned to prevent failures.

Download the infographic to learn more about Siemens Smart Manufacturing solutions for quality management.