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Make the digital transformation from PDM to electronics PLM

PDM collects and takes control of design data, documents, BOMs and processes to help drive engineering productivity and improve collaboration. But the real benefit of PDM is how it puts you in position to take the next step all the way to PLM to transform your total business performance.

  • PLM goes beyond PDM to manage not just some, but all product-related data
  • PLM extends the benefits of PDM to support the entire business across the product lifecycle
  • PLM provides integrated, specialized applications for engineering, manufacturing, procurement, purchasing, suppliers, customers, sales and service

A great digital journey begins with a first step to Electronics PDM

Getting started with integrated data management for your digital enterprise has far reaching organizational benefits. According to a study by Aberdeen*, PLM improves the total business performance across your company:

  • Increases product revenue by 19%
  • Decreases product cost by 15%
  • Reduces development costs by 16%

*Source: Aberdeen, Profiting from PLM: Strategy and Delivery of the PLM Program