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IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics for medical device development

Digitalized data collection, aggregation and feedback helps medical device manufacturers avoid downtime and keeps the product development process moving. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Manufacturing Analytics can do more than just monitor physical assets. Manufacturers can also connect web- and enterprise-based systems to push the value of IIoT beyond the shop floor.

Driving productivity and value with IIoT & Manufacturing Analytics

Data continues to be an important aspect of the medical device development process. There is often so much data that it can be overwhelming to put it into context and make sense of it all. However, tools are now available that digitally collect and centralize this data to help boost efficiency. IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics enables you to refocus your attention on identifying actionable issues rather than managing documents every day.

Increase visibility into medical device manufacturing performance

Nothing drives business decisions better than real data caught in real time. These critical insights can help reduce costs by lowering downtime and leveraging cost-effective measurements and monitoring capabilities. With IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics for medical devices, performance measurements include changeover time, waste costs, machines utilization and more.

Benefits of Siemens IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics:

  • Increase reliability by detecting deviations in real time
  • Reduce costs by lowering downtime
  • Gain transparency into asset health and performance
  • Increase production yield and throughput
  • Quickly improve the next iteration of your product with real-time performance feedback