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Verification management


Aerospace and defense companies are driving explosive innovation. As they develop top-performing products to meet customer demands, A&D programs are under pressure to get to market in less time and at less cost – all while maintaining critical performance, reliability and safety targets.

Certification can account for as much as 75% of a program’s total cost.

A digital solution can cut those costs drastically. Read this ebook to learn how your program can soar to new heights with a certification digital twin and a more comprehensive, integrated approach to verification management.

Aerospace industry trends

Four aerospace industry trends are impacting A&D programs ability to compete and deliver innovative products on time and on budget.

  • The pressure to reduce program costs and schedule

  • Increasing product complexity and integration

  • Increasing electrification

  • Globalization of supply chains, partners and workforce

Learn how a verification management solution with a certification digital twin helps A&D programs to navigate industry trends to avoid slowdowns and cost overruns when it comes to product certification.

Streamline aircraft certification

When every dollar and moment counts, certification needs to become an integral part of design, production and quality processes. You can streamline aircraft certification to avoid delays and increased costs with a certification digital twin. A certification digital twin enables you to incorporate verification and certification into the overall program plan and efficiently demonstrate compliance with faster and more accurate access to key data to facilitate auditing.

Integrated program management

With a certification plan that’s fully integrated with program management, you can establish a stronger relationship with certification authorities as you demonstrate complete control over your program execution. The verification management digital thread enables a comprehensive digital twin of A&D development programs, which accelerates the certification process by incorporating workflow-initiated verification and certification tasks into daily product development activities.

Verification management provides complete traceability between all verification and certification artifacts across disciplines and the entire supply chain with a single, integrated environment. Download the ebook to learn more.