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Digitalizing the wire harness business

The advent of automotive industry trends like autonomous driving, electrification, shared mobility, and connectivity have caused a growing demand for advanced features and functionality. These trends require a highly sophisticated automotive electrical/ electronic (EE) system emphasizing the wire harness. We are currently witnessing an increase in its complexity, content, and cost. And not only is the product getting more complex, but it is also generating big data as it evolves.

Read the white paper to learn why digitalizing the wire harness business is no longer a question of whether we should, it is more a question of how fast we can do it.

Leveraging a digital twin and closed loop to achieve continual optimization

Tackling growing product complexity and costs while working with disjointed systems and outdated processes can hamper quality and profitability. Siemens can help you transform these challenges into competitive advantages by replacing disjointed systems with data-centric and integrated workflows and replacing outdated processes with a digital twin and a closed loop for continual optimization.

Discover how leveraging Siemens Xcelerator can help you digitalize your wire harness business and become a true digital enterprise that can work rapidly and execute to scale. Read the white paper to learn more.