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Challenges and Opportunities in the Smart Machine Industry

Machine manufacturing is in the middle of an industrial revolution. In what is now being called the Smart Industry, there is a digital transition taking place in both product and process that is upending the way companies compete in the market.

But how advanced are machine manufacturers in their digital transformation? Is there a sense of urgency? What are their priorities? How quickly are they adopting new technologies? Do their employees have the right skills? Are they in a position to change the entire process from design to manufacture and service all at once? What kinds of collaborations are they participating in? And are they agile enough to react effectively to changing trends?

These are the questions we are looking to answer with our benchmark survey of a large number of machine manufacturers based in Belgium. The results provide clear insights into the challenges and opportunities in the transition to a Smart Industry company. We also identified organizations that are leading the way and doing things differently.

Interested in the full report? Download it now and find out how your company performs compared to other machine manufacturers in Belgium.