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White Paper

Avoid NVH issues in electric vehicles using vibro-acoustic analysis

Reading time: 19 minutes

When designing electric drives, current processes primarily focus on energy efficiency. This might affect acoustic performance, especially when structural resonances coincide with electro-magnetic excitation frequencies. This white paper explains the significant influence of radial forces on the noise signature next to the effects of torque ripple. By performing vibro-acoustic simulation and analysis, engineers can capture the mechanisms and major contributors of the acoustic signature of an electric motor to accurately predict related NVH behavior early in the design cycle.

Download this free whitepaper and discover:

  • That torque ripple is not the only root cause of NVH issues
  • Why structural resonances account for most radiated noise
  • How to avoid transmission rattle considering tangential forces
  • How to set up a vibro-acoustic simulation process in the early design stages