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white paper

Efficient vehicle wind tunnel testing for noise reduction

Reading time: 10 minutes

In the automotive industry, vehicle wind tunnel testing represents an effective solution to measure and optimize the wind noise after applying thorough CFD and 3D vibro-acoustic simulation in the earlier development stages.

However, with the rising electrification trend, the wind tunnels are in great demand. As the combustion engine no longer masks wind noise, it becomes a top priority to refine. Because of the high cost related to vehicle wind tunnel testing, testing facilities need to adopt highly efficient and impactful procedures.

Read this white paper introducing the latest advanced wind tunnel testing technologies and learn more about:

  • How to achieve efficient wind tunnel testing providing all needed engineering insights during the test
  • What the key elements for external and internal NVH measurements are
  • How the implementation of the testing solution can help to make the right decisions during the tests and positively impact total testing time