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Cross-domain collaboration between the electrical, mechanical and PLM domains

The development of increasingly advanced vehicle features and functionality contributes to rapid growth in the cross-domain complexity of modern vehicles. Primarily, this is due to an explosion of electrical and electronic content within vehicle architectures. The continued growth of vehicle E/E architectures demands tighter integrations between the electrical, mechanical, and PLM domains. As the E/E systems become more critical to vehicle features and functionality, cross-domain collaboration must become more frequent and more effective.

Product lifecycle management and MCAD integration with electrical systems

Modern E/E systems and wire harness solutions support tight integrations between the electrical, mechanical, and PLM environments. These capabilities allow for robust model-based engineering of the electrical and mechanical systems with a robust data backbone managed in the PLM environment. As vehicles continue to become more complex, improved integrations between ECAD, MCAD, and PLM solutions will enable faster design cycles through platform-level generative design, robust data continuity, and automated configuration control. As a result, vehicle manufacturers will bring advanced vehicles to market on increasingly tight timelines.