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Using SaaS to reduce shop floor risks and costs

Unleash the power of digital manufacturing with cloud-based MOM

Manufacturing today faces many challenges – product complexity, disruptive technologies, volatile supply chains, and shrinking margins. Yet, many small and medium-sized manufacturers rely on outdated paper-based or homegrown systems, hindering their ability to compete.

A cloud-based, modular manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution delivered in a SaaS model can empower SMBs to reduce shop floor risks and costs, improve production collaboration, and achieve greater efficiency – all with a pay-as-you-grow model.

Ready to unlock the power of digital manufacturing? Learn how Opcenter X's unique approach to MOM can help your business thrive in today's competitive environment.

Overcoming a changing digital manufacturing landscape

Traditional systems simply can't keep pace with the demands of today's dynamic manufacturing landscape. Escalating product introductions, surging customization needs, and tighter margins necessitate a more robust approach to production operations management.

Fortunately, the landscape is shifting in favor of SMBs.

Modular MOM with SaaS is the answer to overcoming challenges like faster NPIs, increased customization, tighter margins, and volatile supply chains. It empowers you with a modern MOM solution that delivers the benefits of digital manufacturing without the high upfront costs typically associated with transformation.

How MOM capabilities transform shop floor operations

Imagine incrementally introducing powerful digital tools that optimize processes, reduce costs, and ensure consistent quality while automatically documenting everything on the shop floor. This is the power of a SaaS-based MOM solution like Opcenter X.

Modular MOM uses a digital engine that connects everything. Product design, engineering, and planning seamlessly integrate with manufacturing execution. Shop floor systems receive real-time data and instructions, ensuring operators have the correct information and materials to complete tasks.

Because Opcenter X is a modular MOM solution, you unlock the transformational benefits of MOM without the high upfront costs, making it accessible to a broader range of manufacturers.

Using Opcenter X to reduce shop floor risks and costs

Opcenter X's software lets SMBs customize their approach, targeting high-impact areas for fast gains. Manufacturers can identify their most significant pain points, like inefficient bill-of-process management or slow production execution, and then select the Opcenter X modules that directly address those issues.

If you struggle with converting purchase orders into detailed production plans, the process design and order management modules can help. The material modeling, order management, and track and trace modules work together to streamline material handling. The scheduling and track and trace modules provide real-time data to production schedulers. As your business grows, add new modules that seamlessly integrate with your existing ones.

By focusing on specific needs with modular MOM, Opcenter X helps SMBs reduce shop floor risks and costs while laying the foundation for future growth.

Don't wait to unlock the potential of digital manufacturing. Download our free white paper and discover how Opcenter X can revolutionize your manufacturing operations.