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Using machine learning methods in production-ready engineering solutions for IC verification

Utilizing ML to produce consistent, verifiable, and correct answers for SPICE-level IC verification

Solido High-Sigma Verifier, part of Solido Variation Designer, is an ML-enabled solution that provides full brute-force accurate verification results at 4, 5, and 6+ sigma, with orders-of-magnitude less simulation runtime. With Solido High-Sigma Verifier, design and verification teams can increase verification accuracy and coverage, while significantly reducing design schedule times. Solido High-Sigma Verifier is an example of a level 3 ML algorithmic design, which is quickly approaching level 4 through large-scale production use and iterative improvement.

Solido machine learning: Toward level 4 ML capability

Solidoâ„¢ software from Siemens EDA has developed ML tools that are near level 4 ML capability.

In Solido tools, the first step is to perform an initial design of experiments (DoE). This is a sparse set of measurements that cover the entirety of the results space.

Building on the results of the DoE, the tool can construct a first-order ML model of the expected results space. Target areas of interest are identified where more model accuracy may be required. The tool then produces more results and compares them against ML generated results. If the results do not match within engineering tolerances, the tool optimizes further with additional data and updated models.

This process allows Solido tools to obtain a broad view of the results, with added granularity for fine-tuned results at areas of interest as well as built-in verification.