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Cloud-based software – challenges and opportunities of transitioning to SaaS

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs, reduce risks, improve security, and accelerate the return on technology investments. Organizations can achieve these goals by moving to the cloud and using Software as a Service (SaaS) models for engineering systems, among other things. This white paper will explain how deploying Capital single-tenant cloud solutions provides several benefits for engineers looking to migrate complex architectures to the cloud, as well as discuss several factors to consider before deciding on the best cloud delivery method for each organization.

Factors driving cloud deployments and the transition to SaaS

To SaaS or not to SaaS? It's quickly gaining traction as one of the most pressing issues confronting businesses today. With its growing popularity among many large corporations, an increasing number of organizations are rethinking whether to purchase on-premise software or subscribe to Software-as-a-Service. Given the numerous advantages of cloud computing, many businesses are eager to adopt this cutting-edge technology. Learn about the factors driving cloud deployments and the transition to SaaS, and how it improves a company's efficiency, lowers expenses, manages risks, and adds security.

Three types of Siemens cloud deployment models

Siemens Cloud Deployment models offer businesses an unrivaled ability to scale due to flexible deployment options and the option of self-administration, managed services by our own team of experts, or a hybrid of both.

Our cloud-ready products provide access to the cloud on your terms, with public or private deployment options and desktop-ready products accessible from any device and location. We've removed the barriers and placed the power of the cloud in the palm of your hand, thanks to a legacy of amazing technology serving as the backbone ensuring security, cost reductions, reduced internal management requirements, and less upfront investment dollars.