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Transforming the electronics ecosystem with the component digital thread

Reading time: 7 minutes
As the electronics industry continues to embrace the transformation of component data into industry-standard-based digital twins, it will untie hamstrung engineers and unleash the innovation process. This paper examines how the emergent component digital thread will revolutionize the electronics industry by connecting the nodes of the value chain.

Component data will transform into industry-standard-based digital twins

This transformation will unleash innovation as the connection between OEM and the component ecosystem they rely on goes from handshakes based on PDF files to high-bandwidth, intelligent links composed of digital part model threads.

The part model era will enable a digital transformation that will touch all players in the electronics value chain. This is a big “T” transformation because it will revolutionize the electronics industry; it will accelerate the design process, leading to greater profitability; and it will pave the way for new levels of innovation – so you can unleash the full potential of your engineering team today.