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Transform your manufacturing operations with a flexible MES

The Battery, Electronics, and Semiconductor industries have one major thing in common:

They demand rapid adaptation! In a competitive landscape, your shop floor must quickly and efficiently accommodate each new product introduction, each new variant of an existing product, and each new process. This is a formidable challenge as a mid-size electronics manufacturer for example may have up to 200 different operator terminals. In a highly manual or automated industry like electronics, the workforce relies on personalized user experience and guided navigation at the point of use to execute tasks efficiently and reduce takt time. In highly automated industries, such as the semiconductor and battery industries, real-time information is essential to understand how the manufacturing process and the business as a whole is performing. Although an MES supports these challenges, the adoption of new technologies is usually a slow process that needs to be accelerated.

By combining the power of a robust MES with low-code, we now offer a tailored solution, answering specific user needs. The solution is role-based, industry-specific, and process-centric, leading to adaptive and flexible manufacturing.

With the advent of low-code, manufacturers are enabled to maximize the quality and productivity benefits of a modern, powerful, and flexible MES. A functionally rich MES, tailored to your needs and embedded with low-code capabilities, empowers your entire team with an adaptive solution that achieves entirely new levels of agile and flexible manufacturing.

We collaborated with numerous MES customers from semiconductor, electronics, and battery manufacturing to develop this multi-experience solution. These customers conveyed their growing need to accelerate customization of user experiences and workflows in their highly automated industries while maintaining the core mission-critical MES.

Would you like to find out more about integrating this into your own operations?

Download this whitepaper and discover the advantages of a personalized, flexible and adaptive MES.