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How to increase engineering productivity: Top seven tips

The global competitive landscape for manufacturing is squeezing everyone. It is shortening the required time to market and with little warning. This high-pressure environment requires high productivity from its players resulting in either doing things faster and leaner without compromising quality or giving the game away to a hungrier competitor who is willing to do whatever it takes.

Are you ready? Download and read seven tips to help you increase engineering productivity; including:

  • What is the simulation centric design process?
  • What are the outcomes of failed prototypes?
  • How to develop an optimal design development process that enables your team to work smarter and produce more?
  • How frontloading simulation has helped increase productivity while significantly shortening the design cycle for other engineering organizations without even having to build a single prototype?

CFD simulation as an integral step during the design stage is no longer a luxury; it is a must. Companies that embrace that change prosper. Those who do not will continue to waste precious resources. Can your company afford to be in the latter group?