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white paper

The success of static and dynamic hydraulic modeling

Developers of the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and the surrounding business park in Wellcamp, Queensland, Australia reached out to Kehoe Myers Engineering Consultants and JS Pump and Fluid System Consultants for static and dynamic hydraulic modeling of the area’s town water supply system.

Static and dynamic hydraulic modeling of the water supply system assisted in optimizing critical plant components and resulted in lower life cycle costs and more reliable system operation. The advanced Simcenter Flomaster software enabled the complete hydraulic design and confirmed its operational capabilities by static and dynamic model simulations.

This white paper outlines hydraulic considerations, steady state simulations and key outcomes.

A comprehensive simulation toolset for operating thermo-fluid piping systems

The safe storage and reliable distribution of water of sufficient volume and quality is the ultimate objective of every town. Hydraulic modelling of complex water supply networks is traditionally carried out in steady state mode. However, dynamic simulations can predict a time based system response which may prove important.

Simcenter Flomaster offers a comprehensive simulation toolset for designing, commissioning and operating thermo-fluid piping systems.

Download the white paper to find out more about this comprehensive, dynamic simulation.