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white paper

The Digital Twin

A new Dimension in Logistics

Reading time: 15 minutes
It is an analyst and consultant. It helps you optimize your processes. With its many talents, it is making itself indispensable to supply chain managers: It’s the digital twin.

As a virtual model of your real network using real data, the digital twin makes it possible to consistently achieve a smart balance in the supply chain and accommodate diverging goals. How will new requirements affect your costs, processes, and structures? What happens when you make adjustments at key points in your network architecture?

The digital twin simulates optimization scenarios to reveal the full impact of change. It's the ideal consulting tool of the digital world. Users are able to make tactical and operational decisions with a degree of transparency and quality of resolution that's somewhat like looking into a crystal ball.

This white paper aims to familiarise you with the attributes and talents of a digital twin.