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System simulation and modelling for heavy equipment

Manage heavy equipment variant design

Heavy equipment engineers face numerous machine usages and configurations. A machine can be engineered for several different purposes, and many variants may be proposed. This leads engineers to work on many simulation models that cannot be managed without a streamlined process.

Siemens system simulation manages heavy equipment variant designs and allows engineers to leverage the value of existing models by providing an easy-to-use platform for performing trade-off and optimization studies. It also serves as a collaborative platform that capitalizes on the shared and validated simulation models and the knowledge that they contain.

Read the white paper to learn how to use a system simulation process to perform optimization studies more efficiently and refocus efforts on engineering analysis.

Heavy equipment solutions

With an increasing number of requirements for customizations, simulation engineers must deliver results for many different variants, through different projects, for different markets. This rising complexity presents engineering departments with many simulation models to work on, requiring a streamlined process as a viable solution for heavy equipment manufacturers. Consequently, new organizations with clearly defined processes and roles can be established to provide a “simulation factory.” The strength of the system simulation factory concept is the ability to run a large amount of data analysis based on managed models and architectures without having to be a simulation engineer.

Refocusing effort on engineering analysis

In today’s heavy equipment industry, up to 80% of engineering efforts can be spent developing models, while only 20% on results analysis. To leverage simulation outputs value for product design, companies aim to reuse and share models to expand usage of simulation to non-experts such as design engineers, product planners, test engineers and sales engineers. By transitioning to a consistent system simulation process and tools across the organization, better engineering insight is achievable by refocusing effort on engineering analysis.

Read the white paper to learn more about how Simcenter System Analyst and a simulation factory answer heavy equipment variability challenges.