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Optimized SMT software upgrades, smoother manufacturing IT

Updating surface mount technology (SMT) engineering software or migrating to new-generation software can help increase yields and productivity and is often critical for security. It can also be essential for the renewal of support agreements.

But a combination of human, technological and financial factors can make it difficult to implement SMT software upgrades. And, as a result, many manufacturers find themselves depending on unwieldy workarounds. Some even keep certain machines off the network to avoid security vulnerabilities. In some cases, “free” machine software may actually be increasing costs and risks.

With the right strategy, electronics manufacturers can avoid many of these problems.

Three vital considerations before modernizing SMT engineering software

To develop a successful strategy for upgrading and migrating SMT software, the first step, before proceeding with an upgrade, is to understand the three key factors that typically make updates so difficult:

  • IT infrastructure

  • People, process and productivity issues

  • Financial considerations

Read this whitepaper to learn more about these important considerations, how they can impact current and future solutions in the manufacturing IT systems environment, and ways to mitigate them.