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Support operational performance improvements with manufacturing operations management

Reading time: 25 minutes

Medical device manufacturers are currently experiencing unprecedented challenges. With the ongoing global pandemic negatively impacting markets, they are still under pressure to produce increasingly complex products, quicker and at lower costs. In order to remain competitive in this marketplace, companies must leverage manufacturing operations management to move toward smart manufacturing in order to increase innovation and enhance their own processes.

By achieving operational excellence, manufacturers are giving themselves the best chance of adapting quickly to changes that are taking place both now and in the future. But this will require a culture shift.

Adapt to the ever-changing conditions in the medical device industry by preparing for supply chain disruption

Enhance your processes through digital precision that integrates product design and execution with continuous feedback loops. Digital threads not only ensure that data can be traced for compliance, but also improve collaboration with suppliers and prepare for supply chain disruption.

Shifting public health policy, political decisions and changing population demographics require manufacturers to be agile and adaptive while managing the associated risks to supply chains and maintaining continuity for customers. Thus, the need for greater and more accurate communication between globally distributed engineering, manufacturing, and operational teams.

Receive up-to-the-minute reporting of actual manufacturing operations through manufacturing execution systems

Within medical device manufacturing, key processes and conditions such as design transfer and high regulation highlight the power of a fully digital smart manufacturing mindset. In this process, the precision offered by our digital solutions can be used to eliminate costly redesign delays and produce comprehensive eDHR’s through the manufacturing execution system.

The culture shift that is required for operational excellence comes through the use of data in the process. The data gathered from all participants in a fully digital process can be used to enable automated validation of production equipment and processes. As well as, improve the understanding of production quality that can be linked to other tools to improve and control manufacturing operations. This can then be fed back into the process to improve design and product quality.

In this detailed white paper we have produced, you can learn lots more about how smart manufacturing for medical devices can provide you with the digital tools to achieve operational excellence together with examples from our existing customers of how they have helped them. You can download it for free here.