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Simplify and optimize Calibre job configuration and invocation

Designers typically perform numerous iterations of verification flows, so the CAD team must ensure optimal configurations are used for these flows to keep designs on schedule and optimize resource usage. However, determining all of the options, dependencies, and best practices that comprise an optimal configuration can be challenging. The Calibre Interactive GUI provides intuitive, easy-to-use, automated and guided option selection and specification to ensure consistent, reproducible, optimized runs, allowing designers to focus more of their time on analyzing results and iterations.

Struggling to optimize job configuration and invocation for physical verification flows? The Siemens Calibre Interactive GUI provides guided and automated option selection and specification to ensure accurate, consistent runs.

Physical verification flows typically require complex configuration setup to ensure optimal runtimes and resource usage. When using command line job submission in EDA tools, CAD teams and designers often struggle to ensure they select the correct options that won’t create conflicts or errors. The Siemens Calibre Interactive GUI was specifically designed to eliminate these challenges by providing a user-friendly design that helps guide engineers through the job configuration and setup process. Using a combination of automated and guided option selections, the Calibre Interactive GUI simplifies the job configuration and invocation process, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency and accuracy. In addition, the Calibre Interactive GUI is continuously updated as industry trends and use models change, enabling design teams to implement changes without in-depth and time-consuming re-training.