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White Paper

Multiscale simulation - Predicting failure in unidirectional CFRP

Predicting structural performance accurately and efficiently can circumvent the extensive time and cost of repetitive and rigorous material testing.

Download this white paper to read more about two different studies that demonstrate the advantage of micro-structure/sub-grid scale models and how multiscale FE models can improve the accuracy of FRP strength prediction.

Multiscale analysis

These two studies focused on applying multiscale numerical solutions in UD (unidirectional) carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) tensile tests. The first study investigates the influence of non-uniformities in the specimen by the strength of CFRP coupons under tension. In the second study, the same CFRP RVE is calibrated based on standard lamina level data, and this microstructure is applied to standard NIAR tensile test coupons.

Multiphysics simulation

These results are well-aligned within experimental data publicly available from the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), demonstrating failure prediction accuracy using multiscale simulation. After the RVE is calibrated, three different laminate models for each material are run, with the results showing the stress-strain curve and strength of the coupon.

Download this white paper to learn more about these two methods and how the models studied in this work support the theory that multiscale FE models can be used to improve the accuracy of FRP strength prediction.