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White Paper

Ship drag reduction analysis with CFD software

Reading time: 15 minutes

Increasing fuel costs and looming emissions restrictions are driving shipowners to reduce ship resistance and reduce installed power. One way to reduce frictional ship drag is the use of air lubrication systems (ALS), a method of injecting air bubbles below the hull. Read our white paper to learn more about CFD investigations into ALS and ship drag.

Air lubrication systems (ALS)

This white paper details a study on 3D numerical investigations into frictional drag reduction. The authors investigate how multiphysics CFD can be used to study air lubrication systems and aid in the understanding of ship efficiency.

Marine CFD investigation

Multiphysics CFD models simulate complex hydrodynamics problems, which cannot be accurately modeled in a towing tank. This numerical approach gives additional insight into vessel performance before any physical testing is performed. This marine CFD investigation is examined in detail by two industry experts in the white paper.

Hull drag reduction systems

Get all the details on the 2018 study on 3D numerical investigations into frictional drag reduction systems by injecting air bubbles below the hull using industry-leading software from Siemens. Additionally, the researchers examine and compare different injection flow rates at varying speeds in water.

Download the white paper now to learn more!