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Safe and sustainable electricity production

Already a leading energy type, electricity will grow in importance as electronics control new infrastructure and global processes transition away from fossil fuels. Converting many energy sources into electrical energy emits significant greenhouse gases, and engineers are researching new ways to generate electricity using low-carbon sources. Read our white paper to learn how simulation fuels discoveries that will help energy companies deliver safe and sustainable electricity production.

Transition the energy infrastructure

The transition into sustainable energy infrastructure requires ingenuity, innovation and investment across the globe. By adopting simulation, energy businesses can accelerate development of low-carbon solutions using a range of technologies. Read the white paper to learn how your company can play a leading role in the global energy transition.

6 sources of electricity examination

The top 6 sources of electricity generation are coal, natural gas, nuclear power, hydroelectric, wind and solar. Our white paper examines each energy source to help you understand their safety risks, environmental benefits and challenges in making them more sustainable. Simulation enables a broader design space for innovative energy asset developments while reducing the time required to reduce emissions in existing systems.

Energy conversion and management

Businesses that embrace simulation can achieve ambitious energy conversion and management goals while reducing costs. In addition, developing a sustainable energy system increases worker safety and minimizes negative health impacts on residents living near the technology. Learn how to create energy assets of the future downloading our white paper.

Future of energy systems

The future of energy systems must have close to zero greenhouse gas emissions. Whether your business focuses on natural gas, nuclear or wind power, Siemens’ simulation solutions can help your business achieve its sustainable energy goals. Begin your transition today!