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SaaS PLM solutions for manufacturers are shaping the future of products

The most successful manufacturers constantly search for ways to continuously improve their processes and be more competitive.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions deliver immediate and measurable improvements in product development.

Manufacturers big and small benefit from PLM solutions.

This white paper takes a detailed look at cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions, showcases what they have to offer, and answers questions managers and users have.

PLM solutions increase productivity for manufacturing companies

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions increase productivity by enabling companies to efficiently:

  • Manage product design data and bills of materials (BOM)
  • Keep data up to date
  • Implement change management
  • Accelerate design release
  • Enable collaboration across engineering disciplines
  • Facilitate communication with all stakeholders

Increasing productivity with these capabilities has become easier with customizable cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions.

A closer look at SaaS PLM solutions & why it matters

This white paper compares three PLM options: on-premises, cloud, and SaaS.

Each choice has different accessibility, costs, scalability, security considerations, and flexibility associated with them.

It's up to the decision-makers to choose which selection is right for their organization, and oftentimes, choosing one of these PLM options is a critical first step for any manufacturer's digital transformation.

Manufacturers are implementing these digital transformation initiatives to improve processes and help them become more competitive in a more global marketplace.

Advanced accessibility and security with cloud SaaS PLM solutions

Different manufacturers' needs and capabilities help determine which PLM option to choose.

Larger manufacturers have typically chosen the on-premises model, opting for complete control of their PLM solution because they have the resources and capabilities to manage it and maintain its security.

Without the same resources and capabilities, however, small and medium-sized manufacturers need an accessible and secure solution that can fit within their budget and scale with their needs.

And in recent years, SaaS PLM solutions have become more prevalent simply because they're more cost-efficient while still offering the same benefits as the on-premises solutions larger manufacturers have used for years.

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