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Reduce Aerospace and Defense program risk during platform development and integration: 6 tips on how

Electronic and electrical (E/E) design demands of the 21st century present a tremendous challenge to the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry. Profitability in all phases of E/E platform development and integration is a key concern. Along with staying profitable and addressing complexity, there is a need to constantly innovate. This paper introduces six ways in which Capital improves the E/E platform and development process to reduce risk, foster new innovation and reach program goals.

6 ways to reduce program risks

Learn how the development environment and employing a complete digital twin of the platform electrical system reduces program risk. It covers six ways in which teams can effectively manage risk throughout the platform’s lifecycle from definition, through design, into production and throughout the operating life for sustainment. Some of these techniques highlight the roles of automation and data reuse and how these approaches contribute to reducing risk during sophisticated, highly complex electrical platform development.