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Benefit of a broad approach for quality and compliance within PLM

As product and process complexity increases, manufacturers face the critical need to implement quality management system (QMS) best practices throughout the entire product lifecycle. In this context, companies must redefine roles within product lifecycle management (PLM) to prioritize quality and compliance.

Download the latest update of CIMdata commentary “A Broad Approach to Quality and Compliance Management - A CIMdata commentary” to discover how you can bridge the gap between roles and domains within quality management.

Expand QMS beyond a narrow focus

The CIMdata commentary is aimed at establishing a detailed analysis of the quality paradigm in connection with digital threads. Quality Management Systems (QMS) must expand beyond a slight focus of managing manufacturing repeatability and customer complaints management. A digital twin PLM solution comprehends changing consumer patterns and evolving manufacturing practices. Quality and compliance management best practices can be applied to all types of processes, and their use improves as PLM systems have enabled an accurate digital twin throughout the lifecycle.

Leveraging the best capabilities of QMS and PLM

CIMdata analysts explain the benefit of integrating PLM and QMS processes seamlessly across the product lifecycle. Closed-loop quality broadens the domain of quality management to the complete closed-loop lifecycle of products. Executives with digital transformation programs can realize the advantages of a new quality paradigm. Siemens Xcelerator enables the digital thread and management of product data flowing across the complete lifecycle supporting closed-loop quality and comprehensive digital twins both on premises and on the cloud.

Are you interested in learning about the commentary from CIMdata?

Discover key insights such as the need to refine roles and governance in PLM, the expansion of QMS beyond manufacturing, and the incorporation of digital twins and sustainability. Dive into the advancements made by Siemens Xcelerator and their enhanced QMS solutions by following a Customer Zero approach.

Download the CIMdata commentary now to discover more about opportunities for quality and compliance management in the context of product lifecycle management.