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White Paper

Planning for a more resilient supply chain

When manufacturers are asked to characterize their supply chain today, resilient is rarely the word that comes to mind. They are much more likely to call it complex or uncertain. Yet achieving a resilient supply chain has become increasingly critical in nearly every manufacturing sector. At the same time that manufacturers face intensifying competition and new demands for productivity and on-time delivery, adverse regional and global events expose previously unknown supply chain vulnerabilities. How can your company achieve its manufacturing goals and meet customer demands – even when disruptive supply chain events threaten a cascade of manufacturing issues?

A must-have in this climate is robust digital continuity between supply chain management and production planning and scheduling. In this white paper, we lay out a holistic supply chain management strategy and describe the digital tools needed to support this plan. We then detail five collaborative capabilities that your manufacturing planning and supply chain management systems should offer using integration, and illustrate these capabilities with progressively more advanced use cases. A resilient supply chain is in reach, as we shall see.